Reminder: When you products are hijacked by others who make it poor and sell much cheaper

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Is Just A Heads Up

hand made not hand bought

What are you thinking ?

Homogeneity and Etsy: When is "handmade" truly hand made?

I caught a shop stealing my photos-

Very few books left in the library.

So We Are Not Allowed

Put Simply "What Are the Forums really 4?" When DesignedByLucinda threads are closed?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So is cursing no longer allowed in forum posts? Not titles, but posts.

Holy Crap - Etsy is Listening to the forums!!

I like making friends...

Why are you always putting the same sellers on the front page?

would you write an article for your shop discussing masturbation & herpes?

etsy, why do you care if i'm gay, and do you have herpes or something?

Goodbye Cruel Etsy

Arbitrary disciplinary against sellers on Etsy

tinacarroll should run etsy

I don't think muting helpful sellers is appropraite

WAY TO GO ETSY! You muted a nun!