Is is ok to start a new shop to hide your negative feedback?

Monday, November 29, 2010

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calpix said...

bluefingerstudios says:
Seriously? what makes OP think she knows this sellers motivation for the way they run their business?
This is a commerce site, not a high school popularity contest site. Seems pretty ridiculous to speculate about why someone else made a business decision. Maybe they had to have emergency surgery and could not help receiving bad feedback for a short period of time?
Or maybe it's NYB.

Coming from a "seller" that has no business being on Etsy or any other site, who gives a crap what you think.

Did you take a look at your own feedback?? Maybe you ought to keep your obnoxious trap shut since you're really not qualified to have an opinion. What, did you get nervous because the OP asked about something you probably are thinking about doing?

Your buyer blineberry leaves you 3 neutrals:
Chain is just as pictured. Seller worked with me on size. Slow shipping (purchased 10-17, received 11-12) Strong smell of smoke, perfume sprayed on items to cover smoke smell...ugggghhhh.....

You retaliate with such a horrible negative that Etsy removed your venom, but sadly left the negative for the buyer bringing her score to 86%. You replied with some sarcastic drivel telling the buyer that yes, you make your jewelry in a smokey bar room, blah, blah and have the audacity to tell the buyer that their feedback reflects badly on them, not you.

Well looking through your feedback, quite the read by the way...
On 2/17/09 you received 2 feedbacks..
YaffaDreams says:
VERY SLOW - ordered on 1/20/09; received 2/17/09. And items smelled heavily like cigarette smoke.

On 4/10/10:
QLews says:
the product looks good, but REEKS of smoke, attempted to air out with no effect on the pendant...very very strong smoke smell

So... not only do you lie, take your sweet old time shipping (if at all), you obviously don't care if your products reek or not.

Go away bluefingerstudios, you're a bad seller.

November 30, 2010 at 7:09:00 PM EST